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Fabio Milano Owner, Since 1979 started the art of fresh pasta at Marco’s Pasta. He establised Milano’s Fresh Pasta and Fabio’s Italian Bar And Grill, which preserved the italian flavors inspiration by producing long and stuffed pasta, sauces, and desserts. Now, he continues the legacy at Fabio’s Artisan Fresh Pasta. Fabio’s pasta dishes are ready in 3-5 minutes for “Pasta al Dente” Fabio’s Artisan Fresh Pasta is perfect for family lunch or diner, or catered for your next corporate meeting or social event.

to place your order, please call 24 hours in advance

Long Pasta

All our pasta is made from scratch using 100% natural ingredients such as semolina, extra fancy durum, fresh whole eggs, and water.
To ensure the high quality, no preservatives or artificial flavors are added.
Additional Flavors can be selected: Egg, Spinach, Tomato, Jalapeño & Cilantro

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Stuffed Pasta

Our artisan food is a social commitment, because we introduce flavors, textures and shapes that represent a culture.
At Fabio’s you will find excellent handmade products. Our fresh artisan pasta is made on the daily basis with natural ingredients. It is great to share the tradition of good food.

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Lasagna is so easy when you get it from Fabio’s. You can choose from different types pending what mood you are in-Meat Lasagna, Chicken Lasagna, Cheese Lasagna, Lentil Lasagna, Tex-Mex Lasagna, all very good and really a great meal in a relatively short time.

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Fabio's commitment is to provide healthy food through heartwarming and reassuring experiences with the freshness and quality of ingredients inspired by ancestors.

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Corporate Caterings

At Fabio’s, it is fundamental to use natural and top quality ingredients for fresh dishes. We offer healthy and delicious homemade tacos and fresh seasonal fruit.
We also offer breakfast catering for corporate meetings, social and family events. We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients.

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Our Goal Is to bring a taste of Italy to your table, make your cooking easier and maintain impeccable service and attention to our customers.

2129 West Alabama St
Houston, Tx 77098
United States
Monday through Saturday
8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Sunday Closed

Contact me
Phone: +1 713 528 1329